SPM Foundation
Sharing Precious Memories Foundation is a nonprofit organization that operates solely off of the contributions from SPM Resort, partnering businesses and organizations, and donations from other groups and individuals. SPM Foundation was created to lessen the burden and stresses of the parents and caregivers coping with a medical crisis involving a child.
In March 2008, SPM Resorts teamed up with the Ronald McDonald House of Columbia, S.C. to send the Holladay family on a vacation to Myrtle Beach.
The Holladay family spent a relaxing week on the beach in a timeshare supplied by SPM Resorts and reconnected as a family in a fun, stress-free environment.
Less than a year later, SPM Foundation was founded to continue bringing rest and relaxation to families dealing with difficult situations.
Our Purpose
SPM Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that helps families in need, as they are healing from or are continuing to cope with a medical crisis concerning a child.  We help to ease their pain and grief as they deal with loss, or give them a brief reprieve from their exhausting daily routine surrounding the child's medical needs. Our foundation encourages and uplifts these families by helping to give them a vacation experience that they could not afford otherwise.
Who We Help
SPM Foundation serves the immediate family unit, consisting of the parents/guardians and other siblings of the child who dealt with or continues to suffer from medical crisis.
What is Included
SPM Foundation provides a vacation condominium for a week-long stay at one of SPM Resorts' properties. The vacation is not all-inclusive but some other additional expenses will be covered by donations from our sponsors and partners.
Enhancing the lives of children and their families who have experienced a medical crisis of a child by providing an opportunity for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation through a vacation experience.
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